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Tuesday, 22 September , 2020

About us

in the name of God

The resume of the company is as follows:

1-7 years of activity in the capital in a calm and continuous manner

2 to 12 years of activity in the heart of the world's largest and most prestigious pet product market

3 - Import of products from the most reputable and reputable companies in the world such as:

Jerhigh - Doggydolly - Medipet - pet me - Arquafresh - Pedigree - Bobo ...

4 - Send goods to all parts of the country as quickly as possible

5 - Exports to Middle Eastern countries, including Turkey, Iraq and ...

One of the most unique features of the Worldpet company is the importance of being up to date with the consumption of food and incentives and the right prices for goods in the best of diversity and originality of products as a permanent presence (despite the difficulty and cost of exportable imports). .

The purpose of this collection

In the first step, the support of pets in spite of the lack of necessary infrastructure in the country is at stake and in the next step we will all endeavor to ensure that the newest products are available to the compatriots, colleagues and owners of the pets as soon as possible and at the best prices. In step three, we demand that by expanding exports as a small ring of these chains we can contribute to serving these lovely creatures.


Reza Jahangiri

Chairman of the Board

banafsheh Setayesh Far

Managing Director

mona ghasemian


nasim shams moghadam

Reiser Services and Consumer Affairs of the entire country

zahra khodadadi

Reiser Services and Capital Clients

sorosh asr poran

Transportation and transportation

poriya setaysh far

warehouse manager

arsalan adeli

Sales Expert

milad shir mohamadi

Accounting and Finance

mohamad hosein ahadiye

Control unit

raviye khadem

Logistics and support

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